Read my Player’s Guide for EXIST ARCHIVE: THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SKY! (PS4)


Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky is famed JRPG developer Tri-Ace’s latest foray into the genre, and it’s a doozy! Described as a spiritual successor to the beloved Valkyrie Profile series of side-scrolling RPG’s, Exist Archive has great turn-based combat and an interesting leveling/affection system.

Something it doesn’t have, however, is an in-depth tutorial system, which forces players to go through some trial and error to figure out what each system in the game does. We’ve taken the initiative to do that for you, and have provided below some tips and explanations that’ll make Exist Archive: TOSotK the best experience it can be!

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I can’t recommend Yomawari: Night Alone enough to those of us who love a good scare, and don’t mind a game without combat. It’s a unique entry into the survival horror catalog, and it’s super-appealing graphics, great sprite design, and smart design choices had me up late into the early morning, my hot little Playstation Vita burning a hole in my hand.

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Viking Squada beat ’em up in the vein of arcade classic side-scrolling brawlers like Legend and Double Dragonsports perfect controller support, smooth animation, and a kickin’ soundtrack. Developer Slick Entertainment Inc. put a lot of work into making a good throwback arcade title that’s not just nostalgia-riffic, but also brings some new goodies to the mix: RPG stat progression, item shopping, and beautifully illustrated dialogue-free cut scenes. Plus, what would a quality beat ’em up game be without great local and online co-op? Not Viking Squad, that’s for sure.


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