MASTER x MASTER Preview! Hands-On!


MASTER X MASTER is NCSoft’s new action MOBA, and we’ve got hands-on details! Choose from 30 different characters, revel in tons of unlockables, and lose hours to the awesome new play modes! Get the details here, so you can be ready to rock the PVE and PVP worlds right out the gate.

I super dig this game, honestly! Check out why at my full preview here:




XANADU NEXT, the return of a classic RPG franchise from the makers of YS, is finally here! This action-RPG has strategic swordplay, dozens of skills, and the best music this side of Final Fantasy IX. Grab your K/M or gamepad, crank the volume up to 11, and get reminded of what makes JRPG’s so freakin’ great!


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If you played and loved the Realms of Arkania series back in the 1990’s, you’ll want to check out this up and coming remake of the second adventure. Likewise, if you’re a Dark Eye fan, and want to revel in it’s historic PC entries, this Early Access title (paired with the original) might be a solid investment, given Crafty Studios‘ past dedication to improving their releases.

What’s more, if Realms of Arkania: Star Trail 2016 proves successful, we can hopefully expect more DLC campaigns that expand on the original material and story. Crafty Studios did this with their Blade of Destiny release, much of which was free and added many brutal hours of gameplay.

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Grimm: Dark Legacy is a new rogue-like/lite overhead hack ‘n’ slash game featuring crafting, MOBA-like battles, randomized loot, and an original story set in the Grimm television show universe.

I really loved the combat of Grimm: Dark Legacy, and the commitment that Artplant is showing in getting the game exactly where players want it. If you’ve got a friend or three, also, you guys can go on group hunts and kill yourselves plenty of Wesens to quell your bloodlust.

Those of us that don’t want to always be online will need to wait for Artplant to get that feature implemented, but the fact that they plan to at all gives me hope that they’ll also give us more items and creatures to build and pound, respectively.


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