TAIKER Review!

We sit down with TAIKER, a Mega-Man inspired platformer about a pretty girl and her sassy-ass robot. With gorgeous anime art, great character modeling, and tight controls, it’s an interesting debut from Taiwanese indie dev duo Team 4U. Is this the Mighty No. 9 we all were hoping for? Read on to find out!

TaikerĀ has some troublesome bugs and lacks a nice menu system, but it also has smooth combat and an attractive design. For some of us, that’s enough, but others won’t be able to look beyond the problems.

Hopefully, Team 4U will keep up the good work of supporting Taiker and continue fixing its problems. If they do, Taiker will end up being the must-buy it deserves to be!


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KITE Preview!


16-bit shooters are reborn in the early-access title KITE! Super Nintendo and Genesis fans take heed because Kite’s Universal Soldier vibe and 90’s-era pixel graphics make blasting through a cyberpunk dystopia sheer bliss! Hop on board now, because this title is already a ton of fun.

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Obsidian’s new opus TYRANNY dumps you into a high-fantasy dystopia, mixing its Lord of the Rings style with a healthy dosing of iron-age Mad Max. You’ll be backstabbing your friends and allies alike in this classic isometric RPG, where you can carry out your evil overlord’s whims, or temper his wrath in an effort to keep an empire together. Whatever path you choose, your decisions have real consequences, and blood will be spilled!

This is the most engaging RPG I’ve touched this year, and I highly encourage you pick it up. Check out my full review at KeenGamer.com.



WAY OF THE RED is a love letter to the NES Metroidvania legacy, and if that sounds good to you, then get it right now. As a bird-man shot down by human oppressors, you’ll slash your way through a 2D open-world with secrets, multiples skills to learn, and a well-laid plot. Grab your retro-controller clone, and jump into this pixel heaven!

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Nyko’s new SPEAKERCOM unit gives you game audio and a top-notch mic literally at your fingertips. Eliminating the need for irritating and expensive headsets, this little rechargeable unit is worth a look, especially if you’re XBOX 1 or PS4 mic has you sounding like a McDonald’s drive-thru. We went hands-on with the PS4 version, and there’s a lot to smile about!

This little device really surprised me, and I love it! Check out my full review at KeenGamer.com!