Phoning Home follows the lovable robot ION on a journey of survival and discovery, where dangers, new allies, and the hope of a way home lie ahead. Promising beautiful environments, emotional moments, and lots of wilderness exploration across an alien landscape, Phoning Home is shaping to be the indie win of the year. We’ve got some details to get you jazzed up for this Pixar-meets-Robinson Crusoe tale, so read on!



Judgment: Apocalypse Survivor Simulation Preview!


Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation stands out from the pack of base-building survival games with a demonic backdrop and smooth gameplay that puts other Early Access titles to shame. Build a base, rescue survivors, and study occultism to find a way to beat back the demonic hordes. But don’t think it will be easy–if the demons don’t get you, hunger will.

This is the most polished Early Access game I’ve ever touched, and it’s a base-building management survival dream. Check it out and support the dev’s!


Touhou Genso Rondo_20170107153230

If you’ve every played a fighting game where you want to blast the hell out of your opponent instead of throwing wussy punches, then TOUHOU GENSO RONDO: BULLET BALLET is for you! Anime tropes and dazzling bullet-hell collide with the versus-fighting game format to offer a trip that’ll get any gamer’s fingers aching. Grab your PS4 controllers, a buddy, and get ready to button-mash FTW!

I enjoyed launching a game that I can jump right in and play, one that’ll fulfill my need for twitch-combat goodness and edge-of-my-seat competition, and Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet fits the bill.

Some are bound to be turned off by the low-polygon count and lack of fancy storylines, but the gameplay allows for barrels of strategy and quick rounds that can go either way until the very end. Each match is like a close superbowl heading into the final stretch, and that’s what every fighting game should strive to achieve.


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