Dropzone is a new RTS/MOBA hybrid from indie developer Sparkypants Studios, powered by the minds behind the strategy masterpieces Civilization II and Rise of Nations! Players face off with teams of 3 unique mech battle machines, and try to get the most cores by decimating alien monsters and each other. With RTS controls and a host of parts to upgrade or craft, you can be the most feared commander in the cosmos!

All in all, the whole package sits on a good engine with a large amount of challenge, meaning that it won’t get old anytime soon. With new modes coming, Dropzone promises to be a breath of fresh air in the MOBA scene, something that the genre is lacking amidst the legions of DOTA and League of Legends clones.

If mechs, RTS control-schemes, and challenging gameplay sounds intriguing, and you’ve got a MOBA itch to scratch, definitely give Dropzone from Sparkypants Studios a try. You won’t be disappointed, (especially if you play us–but we’ll get better, damn it!)

Check out my full preview with in-depth gameplay mechanics at KeenGamer.com!


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